Discuss gender in cinema, cinema in our lives. 

Welcome to Genderally Cinema! Generally, cinema, has so much to offer us. Movies have short spans of time to establish characters and personality traits, and often resort to quick representations that are easy to register and recognise. Gender is not an exception to this mis-representation.

Amidst this chaos of vigorous gender-based biases, are micro-aggressions; snippets of dialogue, seemingly insignificant visuals; cinema and media subliminally (and often times, quite ostentatiously) create, propagate and some times, negate gender-based biased representations of characters.

If you would like to discuss a movie, a song, a scene, a dialogue, a television show, a pop culture reference, that has caused your gender mis-representation/blatant sexism/ rightful human decency/ feminist sirens to start blaring, come, blare with us, share with us.

If you would like to create and join conversations that can help us think and talk about specific instances that need to be discussed, join the conversation here.

Thank you, and again- Welcome to Genderally Cinema.

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