Be a Gender Ally

The aim of Genderally Cinema is to offer a space for conversation about gender in cinema, television, any other audio-visual media, open to anybody who wants to talk about it. We do not require contributions to be of any size or conform to any grammatical standards, as long as they are comprehensible to the average english-reader on the internet.

We’d prefer if you can find an online snippet of what you are referring to (Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc), but descriptive and pointed references are welcome as well.

To contribute to Genderally Cinema, write in to, with the following:

  1. Your Screen Name (As you would want it to appear)
  2. Your Bio (If you’d like!)
  3. (this one is pretty important) Your contribution
  4. Any associated media  (featured images with sources, etc)

Please allow us 2 weeks to get back to you, but until then, feel free to join conversations here.